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Although the USAC site contains a plethora of useful information, it lacks user-friendly data formats, interactivity and effective data visualizations!  Being data savvy individuals, we decided to take on the challenge of visualizing the USF data found on the USAC site.  Our hope is that these visualizations can paint a picture of the current USF state of play, and combined with broadband availability data, ultimately drive decision-making and help to shape the transition of USF to broadband.  More succinctly, the goals of this site are as follow:

1)  Data Transformation
We will periodically download the data from the USAC site and transform it into a more usable format.  We will make this data downloadable in hopes that other researchers and policy analysts can take advantage of it for their own analysis and mash-ups.  In the future, our hope is to make this data available via API.

2)  Data Visualization
We will create visualizations, in the form of interactive data dashboards, that paint a picture of USF spending geographically and by USF program.  We will primary use Tableau and Google’s visualization APIs.

3)  Data Analysis
With a more usable data set, and a visual sense of USF, we will conduct relevant and rigorous data analysis.  For example, we will compare funding amounts and types to broadband availability and competition, among other things.

4)  Allocation of Funds
Ultimately, with some wisdom gained from our data analysis, our aim is to construct a mathematical optimization model that will tell us how to most efficiently allocate USF funds for broadband nationwide.

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